Keynote & Presenters

 Keynote - Willie Stewart

Willie Stewart- A  Proud Heritage

Willie has been working diligently with Tacoma FamilySearch Center consultants for more than 6 months to discover his roots and create more branches on his family tree.  His keynote will focus on the discoveries he's made on this journey and what makes him proud.

Keynote Presentation-


Presenter - Thom Reed

 Thom will be our sole presenter for the day.  He will hold 2 instructive and interactive classes throughout the day that focus on the "10 Steps to Reclaiming Your African Roots."  

Thom Reed Presentation Part 1-


Thom Reed Presentation Part 2-


Spoken Word - Wonder Daniels

Wonder Daniels is the host of The Bread Aisle Conversations Podcast and the owner of The Bread Aisle Conversations Blog since 2010. As a Louisiana native and Washington resident Wonder has taken on the task of exploring life, community, and black culture in a way that’s both celebrates and holds space for understanding and accountability. During the podcast I share poetry, music, and dialogue centered around life and the many lessons to be learned along the way.

During 2023 Wonder partnered with Tacoma Arts live to create the play Still: A Woman’s Journey. The process both challenged and taught the creative how to dig deeper and create in a group setting. During the 2022 season I assisted with the Tacoma Urban Performing Art Center’s presentation of The Urban Nutcracker as assistant costume designer. Wonder was a founding member of Kingdom Creatives a troupe of creatives looking to explore preforming arts. She also temporarily produced and hosted Compass, a Facebook series interviewing people in various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

My gift of expression makes me feel closer to my creator. I often say that I am not a poet nor storyteller, but rather a vessel that listens and translates what the creator gives me. This relationship of being a presenter of the creator’s inspiration has for far too long kept me bound by the idea of others stealing what is given. But now I accept that the gifts are boundness and meant to be shared to inspire others to look toward the source.